Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XI subscribers number more than 500,000 in North America, Europe and Japan. Now those numbers will drastically rise, as not only is the third expansion pack coming, but so is a platform expansion for the MMORPG. Microsoft,s Xbox 360 will be blessed with the Final Fantasy XI game on April 18 (in North America, at least), and on the same day the latest expansion pack: Treasures of Aht Urhgan will also be released. The popular MMORPG will be able to be played online simultaneously whether you own a PC, PS2 or an Xbox 360. The new expansion pack not only has new areas to explore, but also new monsters, like the Mamool Ja, a tribe of beastmen who rule the Mamool Ja Savagelands. There are also new jobs, including Blue Mage and Corsair. There,s plenty more legends, secrets and much more to reveal, but I’ll be nice and avoid spoiling it for you now. If you,re lucky enough to have a Xbox 360, you,ll also enjoy the enhanced sights and sounds of the Vana,diel world as it,s brought to you in High Definition, for even more immersive gameplay. If you own the original game, you won,t need to purchase the first or second expansion packs (‘Chains of Promathia, and ‘Rise of the Zilart,) to be able to play the latest expansion: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. (For Xbox 360, PC or PS2) North American,s can expect to see the release on April 18, whereas Europe and Japan will have to wait till the 20th.


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