Final Old Republic classes revealed

The final two of the eight classes in The Old Republic.

The final two classes for BioWare and Lucasarts’ upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic have finally been revealed. The last classes, the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor, were featured in an article of German magazine PC Games.

Both classes are force adepts, using and manipulating the force from a distance for greater effect. This is the opposite approach from the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior classes, which rely on the force to aid them in the heat lightsaber-flailing battles.

The details on the two classes have been translated by Old Republic forum member Petrosis.

According to the translation, the Jedi Consular will function as a support character for healing or added damage from a distance. The Sith Inquisitor will act more as a heavy long distance damage dealer with some AoE (Area of Effect) abilities.

To read the translation with full details and the article, just follow the source link below.

[The Old Republic Forums]


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