Finalists for 2011 IndieCade Festival revealed


The finalists for IndieCade, an international festival for independent video games, have been revealed according to a recent press release.

Out of 446 submissions, 36 indie games were chosen by a global jury. The developers of these titles come from all across the world, including countries such as Germany, Korea, and Spain.

A "Red Carpet Awards" ceremony will take place on October 6 at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club, where 10 awards will be presented. The actual festival takes place on October 8-9, and attendees will be able to play all the nominated games there.

Stephanie Barish, CEO of IndieCade, commented on the awards ceremony and how impressive all 36 of the finalists are.

"Each year, we present 10 awards that honor excellence of teams and individuals across the wide range of creative disciplines required to create games, as well as the prestigious Jury Award, selected for its overall excellence and potential for impact in the game industry," she said. "But all the finalists stand out, and with previous years as a guide; they’re all going places."

Further information can be found at the IndieCade website, and below is the full list of finalists.

Antichamber (Demruth)
Application Crunch (Collegeology Games, The Game Innovation Lab)
At a Distance (Terry Cavanagh)
BasketBelle (Michael Molinari)
Bistro Boulevard (Fugazo Inc.)
BIT.TRIP FLUX (Gaijin Games)
Black Bottom Parade (SCAD)
Deepak Fights Robots (Tom Sennett)
Desktop Dungeons (QCF Design)
FEZ (Polytron Corp.)
Gamestar Mechanic (E-Line Media)
Geobook (levitylab)
Halcyon (stfj)
Hero Generations (Heart Shaped Games)
Hohokum (Honeyslug and Richard Hogg)
Improviso (GAMBIT)
Johann Sebastian Joust (Douglas Wilson and Friends)
Kiss Controller (Georgia Tech)
Loop Raccord (Nicolai Troshinsky)
Ordnungswissenschaft (Till Wittwer, Marek Plichta and Jakob Penca)
Papa Sangre (Somethin’ Else)
PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew (Incredible Ape)
Play Kalei (Load Complete)
Proteus (Ed Key)
Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure (Untold Entertainment)
Skulls of the Shogun (Haunted Temple Studios)
Solar 2 (Murudai)
StarDrone (Beatshapers, TastyPlay)
Super Hypercube (Polytron and Kokoromi)
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (Superbrothers, Capybara Games, Jim Guthrie)
The Bridge (Case Western)
The Depths to Which I Sink (Bigpants)
The Dream Machine (Cockroach Inc.)
The Swapper (Facepalm Games)
The Witch (Elizabeth Swensen)
Way (Coco & Co) [Carnegie Mellon]


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