First Crysis patch on the way

CrysisCrytek, the people behind Far Cry and Crysis, have released information regarding the upcoming patch for Crysis.

The patch will be the first since the games release and will address the following issues:


  • Overall Performance
  • Adjustments to LAW and Grenade balance in multiplayer

This may seem like an extremely short changelog, but Crytek has stated that "…this is not a major patch to the game, but more an update on performance and some Multiplayer tweaks that have been requested by the community." By the sounds of things, a lot of the other problems people are having will be addressed soon in a larger patch.

In related news Crytek has endorsed a fix found by members of the community for the dreaded Weapon Sound loop bug. If you are experiencing, the problem the Crysis dev team recommends you follow these instructions to remedy the situation:

1. Open console and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "").

2. Type in "s_soundenable 0" (without "") to disable sound completely.

3. Type in "s_soundenable 1" (without "") to enable sound again.

Crytek said that while this does fix the problem whenever it occurs, they are working on a permenant fix to be included in a future patch.

With all that out of the way, I’d just like to say that this kind of thing happens all too often with PC games. Developers seem to think it’s ok to release a half-baked game and then just patch it up in the months following release. This leads to forums full of abuse and people saying they will never buy a game from Developer X again.

Of course the flipside of this is that if developers hold games back to fix any problems, everyone whinges when games aren’t released on the promised date.

So what do you think? Is it better for games to be released sooner with a few more bugs or for them to be released later with hardly any problems?

[via CryMod]


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