First screenshots and trailer for Dawn of War 2

dawnofwar2With Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II confirmed, folks are wondering how the game will look with the spiffy Essence 2.0 engine giving some beefy backing. Thankfully, THQ released three new screenshots that showcase the game in all of its awesome glory and they give some small insight on how the game will play.

As previously mentioned, the screenshots only show the two currently confirmed races, the Space Marines and the Orks. But examine the vertical jetpack jump the Space Marines undergo in the second screenshot, or the number of Space Marines squads that are on the screen in each screenshot — Relic mentioned they’re going to pay attention on the number of squads the player will control.

Also if you’ve missed it, all players who pick up the recently released third and last Dawn of War expansion pack Soulstorm will receive a beta key for Dawn of War II, eventually.

Lastly, here’s the first but brief teaser trailer for Dawn of War II and the first three screenshots:

[flash width="480" height="392"]http:/[/flash]





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