First screenshots for Fallout MMO leaked?

Project V13

A batch of suspiciously complete screenshots of Interplay’s Fallout MMO has appeared on Wikia’s Fallout site. Even more baffling is Interplay’s supposed reasoning for making the screenshots public–to prove a point.

According to Interplay forum member "Ausir" (who also discovered the screenshots), publisher Bethesda had been hounding Interplay for failing to adhere to specific clauses within the licensing contract that outlines the development of a Fallout-based MMO within 24 months of acquiring rights to the IP.

All correct so far, right? The rest of the story might not be so cut-and-dried. Apparently, Interplay had gotten so miffed at Bethesda’s conduct toward them that they haughtily retorted "Oh, yeah?" and coughed up some images of "Project V13" (Interplay’s code name for the Fallout MMO) that winded up becoming public.

The screenshots in question have inevitably come under intense scrutiny from gamers and "shoop" experts alike, with comparison shots, pixel hunting and other SCIENCE! things being done.

What do you think? Doctored or the real deal? Check out more screenshots here.



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