First Spider-Man: Web of Shadows combat footage

Spider ManWhere Spider-Man has dominated in the movie industry, he has done the same for videogames. Without a doubt, Spider-Man has enjoyed the most success when it comes to titles focused soley on a single superhero. The first Spider-Man game showed us a superhero game can be done correctly, while Spider-Man 2 gave us the first real iteration of an impressive web-slinging mechanic which dominated the majority of player’s time.

While it’s true Spider-Man 3 did not meet expectations, overall the quality of Spider-Man games have been higher than most. Now we are at the dawn of a new Spider-Man title known as Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Not based on any of the movies (which to some severly handicapped the progression of the previous games), and bringing to life a new combat system, Web of Shadows may bring Spider-Man back to the form we all know and love. If you don’t believe me just check out the below footage and make a decision yourself.

[flash width="480" height="392"]http:/[/flash]

Not too shabby huh? While still in early development, notice the weight to the combat moves, subtle bullet time transitions, and the switching between the red/blue and black suit on the fly? Spidey fans, we may have a winner.


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