Five Retro Games We Still Go Back To


Retro games tend to be those that remind us of the glory days of gaming. They are addictive in nature and were good enough to stick in our memories as classics. There are some games that may be considered old, especially when compared to more modern games, but they just refuse to die.

Here are five retro games that we still find ourselves going back to:


Pac-Man is one of those games that has stood against the test of time and won. The lure of the maze full of ghosts may not be the most graphically impressive but there is something additive about staying one step ahead of the challenge. A pop culture icon in his own right, Pac-Man is likely to be with us forever, in some form or other.


Tetris has the same allure as Pac-Man, but for different reasons. The skill of perfecting the placement of the falling blocks is simple in design but hard to master. With good pacing and difficulty curve, that rush of reaching high levels is something that can’t be beaten

Sonic the Hedgehog

SEGA may have lost the console war, but Sonic the Hedgehog never gave up in the hearts of the fans. The first game on the Genesis is fun and addictive and has been replicated on many devices to keep the legend of the blue hedgehog in the minds of many. Still the star of many games, Sonic is not only a game, but also a character that refuses to give up. Even a few bad choices in game design can’t kill off this one.

Super Mario

Nintendo has managed to survive on the strength and longevity of the characters they’ve created. One of the originals and still in some ways the best has to be Mario. With the advent of Super Mario Maker, we are now able to create our own levels featuring Mario, his brother Luigi, and their friends, and with the move to mobile games also coming, Mario is likely to reach even greater heights.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are another simplistic game that never seems to grow old. With online casino versions of the game the slots have become more advanced and offer plenty of variety to keep fans happy.

There are plenty of other retro games that hold the same hold on fans, and I’m sure you have your own list. Whether it is Zelda, Mega Man, or even Dizzy that has your retro love, we all have games from the past that we continue to adore. Which are your favorites to bring back for a blast from the past?


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