Force Unleashed DS details

force unleashedForce Unleashed is the first big push LucasArts has made in quite some time to get a Star Wars game right. While Republic Commando, Lego Star Wars and even Jedi Academy were good titles they didn’t meet the high praise of classics like the original Dark Forces, or its later cousin Jedi Outcast (the first game which really let you feel like a Jedi). 

With the current-gen technology ripe for the using, LucasArts is hoping that their latest game will find itself sitting next to the adventures of Kyle Katarn, when the fans are concerned. To appeal to as many fans as possible Force Unleashed, it is also getting a DS treatment where some of the control layouts have been revealed.

Movement will be mapped to the directional pad, while attacking will be done by swishing the stylus across the DS. Even if this sounds like a Ninja Gaiden clone, Force Unleashed is going to be in 3D where Ninja Gaiden was more like an environment similar to the old Final Fantasy games of the PSX era (three dimensional movement with pre-drawn backgrounds).

In addition to this a multiplayer mode for the DS was also announced, but will require that everyone have a copy of the game to play, and for the moment online is out of the question. It sounds promising but limited. Overall let’s hope that LucasArts finds themselves with a hit on their hands.

[Via CVG]


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