Forget about calling Jenny. Wii Fit works!

Chris Kohler, over at Wired, has been playing Wii Fit for a little over a month now. He reports that since starting his daily Wii Fit regiment, he has been getting daily exercise (with and without assistance from Wii Fit) which is a change from when he didn’t do any exercise at all.

Kohler says that when he first started, he could only do six repetitions of the push-up mini-game but now he can do twenty. He reports similar improvements with the jackknifes–he can now do thirty or more of those with no problem.

He’s also losing weight, albeit at a slightly slow but steady pace. However, this is probably because he’s doing exercises that are meant to produce muscles and not burn fat. He voices some complaints that Wii Fit only keeps track of how much fat you burn and doesn’t tally up how much muscle you’ve gained.

But Kohler says the game definitely does work and concludes by saying that a month ago he would walk around the block and get pooped, but now he can run a mile no problem. I’d say that’s excellent progress!

[Via Game|Life]


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