Former Euro Sony boss says PS2 will win in 2011

ps2 trophyIt seems that every other week, an analyst or game executive proclaims their prediction on which game console will be the leader by 2011. So far, we’ve heard that the king of the hill will be the Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360. But a dark horse candidate has emerged–the venerable PS2.

At the Edinburgh’s Interactive Festival, Chris Deering, former European Sony president, said that the number of active users for the PS2 will surpass the numbers of active Wii users in 2011.

As for the breakdown stats, he says that the PS2 will come in first with 90 million active users, Wii will have 80 million, The PS3 and PSP at 70 million, with the Xbox 360 coming in dead last in 2011 with only 40 million active users.

The numbers game, one that the various console manufacturers play, is just that, a game. With no one to back their figures and predictions with solid evidence, anyone in the industry can toss numbers around with abandon.

What is our prediction of which console will come in first in 2011? Why, the Dreamcast, of course!

[via spongychicken]


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