Former Fallout, Medal of Honor devs form new studio

White Moon?WhiteMoon Dreams, depending on who you ask, is either a really cool or totally lame name for a game development studio. Former Fallout, Medal of Honor, and Ratchet & Clank developers seem to like it, though, because that’s what they’ve named their newly formed company.

WhiteMoon Dreams is headed up by former EA technical art director Jay Kootarappallil and former Fallout lead concept and game designer R. Scott Campbell, and will focus on creating original IP for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii consoles. They are reportedly already working on their first project with "a major Japanese publisher."

Although the company intends to focus on original work, their press release states that they would also be interested in working with outside publishers on "interesting titles needing development." It also went on to say that games developed by WhiteMoon Dreams "will be different through refreshing gameplay, new directions in the visual medium and content that engages the player’s mind and hearts rather than just their hands."

Kootarappallil commented:

"Our games are our dreams! We want to be in the worlds we’re building, dealing with the situations we’re creating, and being the characters that we’re lovingly crafting. The moon (in our own personal way) signifies our love for the art of game-making. We love making games, we love the people who make them, and we especially love the people who play them!"

If nothing else, these guys seem very enthusiastic about what they are doing, and with their previous track record, I can’t help but to be excited to see what they have to offer. How about you?


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