Full Resident Evil 5 trailer released! See it here!

resE5A significantly shorter version of the latest Resident Evil 5 trailer was shown at both Sony and Microsoft’s E3 press conferences. Today, the full version of the trailer is available for download on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Store. (See video by clicking on the full story tab.)

The trailer opens with a few glimpses into the desert based village we’ve been seeing ever since the first trailer was released over two years ago, with villagers carrying out their daily activities. Much to my surprise, not all of them appear to be insane as I previously thought, as Chris Redfield (the former S.T.A.R.S member you’ll be playing as) casually walks into their town without much resistance at all.

However, when the brown haired hero soon after enters a somewhat small building devoid of any illumination in its interior, he witnesses what appears to be a murder in progress, as one man strangles another. The crazed killer isn’t alone, as a fellow maniac is looking on.

Before Chris could interfere, the two killers flee from the body as it begins to jerk violently as blood begins to pour profusely through his eyes.

After seeing that grotesque sight, numerous quick cuts of the gameplay were shown, with Chris firing his pistol at scores of axe wielding assailants. One thing that’s definitely noticeable is that many foes are on screen simultaneously– a lot more than we’ve seen in Resident Evil 4. Not only that, but they’re much faster.

The context sensitive actions that were introduced in RE4 (which haven’t really caught on in the industry for some strange reason…) have returned as well, and the moves at your disposal also make a return from that title (such as elbowing an attacker in the face to free yourself from their hold or delivering a devastating kick that offers much needed crowd control) in addition to two new maneuvers.

One that should prove to be useful is the ability to evade an attack, as one instance in the trailer has Chris saving his skin from getting cut by a sickle by swiftly leaning to the side. Should the discouraged enemy attempt to harm him again, it’s now possible to shove an enemy forward and knock ‘em in the face whilst trying to regain their balance to put them down for good.

I’m fairly certain that after reading all of that will make you want to watch the trailer with your own pair of eyes (which are quite beautiful, by the way… I kid!), so without further ado, here it is!





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