Full-sized Master Chief helmet for sale: $115

mc helmetWhen the Legendary Halo 3 edition came out last year, the usual extra DVD content and goodies came along with the special set.

But along with these items was also a miniature Master Chief helmet. Oh, if only it was a full sized helmet, some of us wished.

Well, considering that Halloween is just around the corner, you’ll be the talk of the town because Microsoft has announced that it has licensed the making of a full-sized Master Chief helmet at the Covenant shaking cost of $115. Better act quick, they’re going fast.

The replica helmet has a padded interior and will fit an adult-sized head. The exterior of the helmet will come compete with battle damage scars so your friends will know that you’re no sissy. 

And if you lose your keys at night, never fear; you’ll have onboard LED search lights to illuminate your path for a successful recovery mission. Nuclear-ion-quasi- reverse-field batteries not included, of course.

The helmet comes in only one color- military green.

[via 80stees]



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