GamerNode Weekly Recap 1/21 – 1/27 : The One With the Pope

Despite arguments that we’ve heard previously, one gamer is claiming that games can actually help you to lose weight. Mickey DeLorenzo lost nine pounds since he began an exercise regimen with Wii Sports back in December. Of course, he was really getting into things and not just lazing back on the couch, Wiimote in hand, but perhaps the Wii could prove to be a viable option for those looking to lose weight.

Hideo Kojima, father of the Metal Gear Solid series and famed game maker, is reportedly interested in developing games for the Xbox 360 and PC. While the interview that informed us of these wishes didn’t reveal what games Kojima had in mind, it’s safe to assume that plenty of Xbox 360 and PC owners have their fingers crossed that Metal Gear Solid 4 might be such a title.

The Burning Crusade sold an incredible 2.4 million copies within 24 hours of its release, thanks in part to its worldwide launch. On the same day as this feat was announced, we also discovered that Blizzard’s next MMORPG wouldn’t be another World of Warcraft game.

Many in the gaming industry have been surprised at the success of the Wii, including Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime. While he expected the console to be a success, he was, in his own words, "just blown away."

It’s not often (or ever, really) that you hear the Pope speak his mind on the issue of violent video games, but recently we saw just that. He clearly stated that games which "exalt violence and portray anti-social behavior or the trivialization of human sexuality" are a perversion, but also went on to say that the responsibility of policing and educating children about these games is primarily the job of parents–not retailers or game companies, as many opponents of gaming have claimed.

Despite a recent scare, courtesy of Sir Howard Stringer, Europeans will be seeing the PlayStation 3 starting on March 23. The PS3 launch should have a lineup of around 30 titles for the approximately 1 million consoles that will be available in Europe–300,000 of which will go to the U.K., where the price point on the system is 425 GBP ($836). For now, Europeans will only be able to purchase the 60GB model of the PS3, although the lower-end model may come "later in the year dependent on demand".

Over on the forums, members are talking about the recent Crackdown demo, which most everyone seems to agree is great. Be sure to stop by and let us know your impressions.

What do you think are the greatest video game quotes of all time? There aren’t many agreements so far, with selections ranging from Duke Nukem to Gordon Freeman.

Another interesting thread is the one asking what your favorite game or game series is. It’s not as easy to pick as you might think.

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