GamerNode Weekly Recap 1/28 – 2/3 : Impulse Edition

According to Sony, the Wii is simply an "impulse buy." Call it what you want, but when you’ve sold several million units and nearly 20 million games in the course of two months, it doesn’t matter what the competition thinks.

Earlier this week, Peter Moore reiterated his previous statements, discussing his admiration of both the Xbox 360 and Wii. When discussing what Nintendo has done with its console, Moore mentioned how he is a "big fan" and displayed his approval of the system’s innovation. On the other hand, he had nothing positive to say about the PS3–an absolutely shocking development.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about the PlayStation 3–after all, it is a major causal factor in Sony’s $1.56 billion loss. Thanks to losing market share to the Wii, Bloomberg estimates that Sony could suffer as much as a 50% drop in profit margin during the third quarter, as compared with the previous year.

After many years of waiting (and a lot of people swapping to Linux and Mac), Microsoft has released Windows Vista, successor to the XP operating system. Boring Bill Gates interviews aside, the new OS’ desire to make the PC a truly reputable gaming platform–combined with the release of top notch games like Crysis–will likely make for an awesome year for PC gamers.

Everyone’s favorite achievement points might turn out to be more than a tool for bragging–Microsoft purportedly is going to make use of them to offer rewards to the Xbox community.

On the boards we’re asking for your thoughts, comments, and feedback on GamerNode in all its facets.

The newly released, bound-to-cause-controversy School: Source mod has a hot discussion going on; you’ll want to jump in, as this will likely be a topic that stays afloat for quite some time.

And while you’re there, let everyone know what game systems you own.

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