GamerNode Weekly Recap 1/7 – 1/13 : CES Edition

The annual Consumer Electronics Show was hosted earlier this week in Las Vegas, the highlight of which–for gamers, at least–was the series of keynotes held by Microsoft and Sony just prior to the show. There were a myriad of announcements made, to go along with the obligatory numbers discussion, whether it was Sony’s bragging of how the PS2 continues to sell well, or Microsoft’s claims that the Xbox 360 had the best Christmas.

Bill Gates seems to be the front runner in the discussion of how the Xbox 360 is the top competitor in the next-gen console race, where Nintendo is their "toughest competition".

But those thoughts of Gates aside, the obvious big story of the week were the Sony and Microsoft keynotes at CES, where IPTV, Live Anywhere, and Blu-ray news were the headliners.

Apparently, though, people aren’t overly keen on watching Blu-rays (despite a defense of the commitment made by Sony’s Kaz Hirai), or at least not on the PS3–around the country there are reports of PS3s sitting on store shelves. Maybe it’s the short of supply of good games that have stopped consumers from picking up the PS3, which isn’t a problem Microsoft has; Gears of War has now sold more than 2.7 million copies since its release in November.

First we learned that the highly-anticipated Hellgate: London was going to ship with MMO content that would require you to pay–a story we later learned was not exactly the case, as the game will have a free, albeit watered down, version to play.

FPS legend John Carmack spoke out of his preference for the Xbox 360, and discussed how the PS3 posed quite a few more problems for developers than Microsoft’s system.

Discussions at our forums continue to be hot, with the release of a Bioshock trailer that has quite a few of our members excited.

Others are helping to keep the rumor mill alive, as they discuss the continued whispers that Microsoft might attempt to purchase Capcom.

And let us know what you thought of our Best of ’06 feature, what we got right, what we didn’t, and what you would have chosen.


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