GamerNode Weekly Recap 3/4 – 3/10 : Piece of ..Nevermind Edition

Perhaps the biggest news out of GDC was the announcement of the PlayStation 3’s upcoming community feature. Known as Home, it will provide users with a personal avatar and a virtual world which will contain community centers, shopping malls, and more.

Microsoft finally confirmed the long-standing rumors of a larger memory card and file size limit for Live Arcade games earlier this week. The new memory card will be 512MB (up from the current 64MB) and will retail for $49.99. Live Arcade games are now able to be as large as 150MB, an increase from the previous limit of 50MB.

A Wall Street Journal report revealed some very surprising conflicts that have taken place at Sony. Ken Kutaragi, father of the PlayStation, has kept Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer out of the loop with regards to the PS3’s going over-budget, among other things, leading for him to be described by the WSJ as "notorious within the company."

With the exception of MMOs, PC gamers have generally been free of one requirement that many console gamers have not–paying for online play. But Microsoft’s Games for Windows initiative will be looking to change that, as future GfW titles will support Live–a service which Xbox gamers have been paying a premium for.

Chris Hecker, one of the developers of EA’s Spore, took an opportunity to rant at GDC, choosing to spend his time on the microphone by ripping the Wii apart. He called it both a "piece of s***" and suggested it was nothing more than a few GameCubes taped together, and then proceeded to suggest that Nintendo "make a console that doesn’t suck a**." He has since apologized.

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