Gamers asked to unite in aftermath of Virginia tragedy

The recent shootings at Virginia Tech have caused some individuals to, once again, blame video games as the source of the problem. Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil have already alluded to the connection between violent behavior and violence in video games as the cause for the tragedy in Virginia. But one website, Empire Arcadia, is taking steps to defend the position that video games are not the root of all evil. The site is organizing a protest in New York City to demonstrate against those who point the finger at gaming for society’s ills.

Empire Arcadia stated, "This demonstration is to show that gamers will not take the blame of this tragic matter but we will do what we can to help put an end to terrible events like this. We reiterate and urge that all leaders of gaming communities, organizations down to the last gamer to set aside 10 hours of this day to pay respect and come together not just as gamers but as HUMAN BEINGS for peace."

Part of a statement from Empire Arcadia put it this way, "Why is there so much inhumane violence in our schools? No the real reason, not videogames. It has been stressed for years; day in and day out, that long before such violence in videogames even were thought of; violence on TV, movies and even in our own government with wars and such has influenced weaker minds in committing such barbaric acts of uncivilized behavior. So why do some government officials blame videogames?"

The protest event is called Fellowship of Gamers and will take place at 1PM on May 5 in Bryant Park in NYC. For more information, check out the event on MySpace.


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