GameSpot reviewer quits over Gerstmann fiasco

gamespotLongtime GameSpot review and content contributor, Frank Provo, just turned in his resignation in protest over last November’s firing of GameSpot review editor Jeff Gerstmann.

The controversy over Gerstmann’s firing dealt with rumors that he was let go because of a negative review of the game Kane and Lynch: Dead Men.

Speculation has it that game publisher, Eidos, put pressure on GameSpot because of the low rating by Gerstmann and in the crossfire, he was let go. Eidos and CNET/GameSpot has denied this. When all the dust settled, Kane and Lynch was not well received by the press. The average score of the title ranked in the 60s.

In his last editorial on GameSpot, Frank Provo stated:

"Farewell, GameSpot .

"It’s true, I’m no longer contributing to GameSpot.

"I believe CNet management let Jeff go for all the wrong reasons. I believe CNet intends to soften the site’s tone and push for higher scores to make advertisers happy.

"I won’t lie to people and tell them a game is good when it isn’t. I won’t downplay negatives that readers have a right to know about.

"And so, the "Frank Provo era" at GameSpot ends after nearly 8 years of contributions. March 2000 through December 2007. It was a nice run.

"I feel sorry for the GameSpot staff that have to continue to work there because they have no choice if they want to be able to pay bills and feed their families. For such upstanding people, the CNet overloads have created the ultimate soul-crushing work environment."

The firing of Jeff Gerstmann sent GameSpot and CNet reeling from the negative publicity it generated. Undoubtedly, the repercussions of the incident are still being felt.

[via GameSpot]




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