GameStop In-Store Video Spoils Twilight Princess' Ending

We’ve all got friends who love to tell us about movies or books that we haven’t seen or read yet. In their excitement, they forget that we may not want to know what is going to happen — especially how they end. Well, the GameStop stores have evidently taken a course in spoiling endings and have adopted a campaign to try to sell more Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess games. How will they do this? According to the discussion found on GameFAQs, the bright management of the game retail stores will be displaying video excerpts of the game. More specifically, they will be showing the last 10 minutes of the game and how it ends. We can hear your muttered comments and we completely agree.

A post by a GameStop employee warned Zelda fans about this travesty. Hal9000 stated:

"If you are planning on going into a Gamestop/EBGames this month, I want to warn you. Our new ‘EBTV’ thing we have playing all the time has decided, for some odd reason, that in order to get people to buy a game, they show the ending of said game. This month, they are showing the ending to LoZ: TP.

If you haven’t played it, be careful when you come into the store. I would hate for something like that to be spoiled. We get a new DVD every month, so it looks like we won’t get a new game ending until May.

Just letting you guys know."

So far, the outrage to this supposed plan by GameStop has created quite a bit of negative reaction. If this is the store’s idea of generating sales, it might as well show the endings of Final Fantasy XII and Gears of War.


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