Gaming Detox Clinic Started

In glorius Amsterdam any number of addictions can be treated (and created). Oft cited as the pioneer of some truly bizarre social programs, this new one is no exception. Keith Bakker is the director of Smith & Jones addiction consultants, and he thinks video games can be as addictive as gambling or drugs.

According to Bakker the first telltale signs of addiction are "neglecting usual activities, little social life and spending hours gaming." I’m afraid to say it, but there may be millions of addicts here in the US going without treatment. The scientific backing to this theory is that the human brain releases endorphins similar to the effects of the ‘gambling high’ or drug addicts. Some patients even suffer withdrawal symptoms like shaking and sweating when they’re ripped off their gaming box like a barnacle from the hull of a delicious ship.

Whether or not this is all blown out of proportion and one more example of the media making everything fun into something naughty and addicting, or the root of all evil, or the source of violence in the world, remains to be seen. But they will be administering 4-8 week ‘treatments’ for people of various ages starting next month. So take a break every now and again, walk outside and talk to your friends (in person) or several men in white coats may show up and drag you to Amsterdam.


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