Gaming industry now has sleazy, soulless lobbyists

Sleazy Game Lobbyists

Those black-hearted, forked-tongued, four-toed, slimy-skinned game makers are at it again! The New York Times is reporting that a new organization formed by the ESA will begin monitoring politicians and making donations to politicians who support gaming.

And guess what…a parents group freaked out. They’re once again standing on the mountain tops yelling about what a sleazy and disdainful course of action this is. Yup, betchya didn’t see that coming. Here’s a curveball that maybe you won’t see coming though. For once…I agree with them.

Ok so maybe they’re getting their facts wrong again, and going about their argument the wrong way, but for once they’re standing up against Big Gaming for a reason that I can absolutely respect. I can’t imagine many will argue that the ESA has taken an honorable stance by choosing to attempt to bribe lawmakers.

"The videogame industry continues to fight meaningful accountability for selling inappropriate material to children. The industry has been exposed repeatedly for its reprehensible behavior and now they are looking for ways to buy friends in the government," said Tim Winter the President of the PTC.

Ok, now see they went and threw themselves (and their argument) off a cliff. When labeling videogames vaguely as a lobbyist product that is inappropriate for children, they shove it into the same category are cigarettes, alcohol and pornography. All of which have been heavily lobbying politicians for decades. Not to mention they’ve got infinitely deeper pockets and decades of experience. So this raises one question that is totally detrimental to their argument.

Do they really think videogames are as dangerous to kids as a proven carcinogen?

If they say yes then we know they’re either sensationalists, or nut jobs. And if they say no, then I have another question for them. Why waste your time on videogames when there are greater evils about?

"Let me be clear of our intentions: Any public servant who cashes a check from the videogame industry will be exposed by the PTC as taking a stand against families, and his or her actions will be communicated to constituents in his or her congressional district," said Winter.

It is for this type of statement that I applaud them. Except for the part about the politicians "taking a stand against families." That part doesn’t really make any sense.

Not to stray too far from the point here though. My point is, I’m none too pleased with videogames right now. Seeing the industry sink to such sleazeball tactics sort of feels like I ended up at the same party as my innocent kid sister; it was tear jerking enough to admit that she’s all grown up, but now she’s in the backroom making out with the sleaziest guy you’ve ever seen (pictured).

…seems like just yesterday she was making me play ‘rescue the princess’ with her.

[Via Next-Gen]


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