GDC: Maxis Member Calls the Wii a "Piece of S***"

It seems that not everyone is in love with Nintendo’s Wii who is attending GDC (and isn’t Sony). Chris Hecker, a team member of Maxis–developer of Spore–called Nintendo’s Wii a name that would make polite company blush. Hecker attacked the Wii as an underperforming game console so weak that it couldn’t run games that require strong AI.

The remarks were made during a session entitled "Burning Mad – Game Publishers Rant," where anyone was offered the chance to air his or her dislikes about the industry. Hecker apparently took this to heart and unloaded both barrels at the Wii, and them some.

To quote the eloquent Hecker, "The Wii is a piece of s***!" Come on buddy. Don’t be shy. Tell us how you really feel.

He then went on to attack Nintendo regarding its severe lack of artistic merit in the production of its games. "It’s not clear to me that Nintendo gives a s*** about games as an art form," citing examples of how the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been serious in their attempts to not only produce video games, but to produce them as imaginative art vehicles. Hecker pointed to a quote from a Nintendo exec that stated Nintendo’s goal was only to make "fun" games.

Hecker decided to make his highly cerebral rant by saying that Nintendo needed to address the issue of raising its standards to higher artistic levels and to "make a console that doesn’t suck a**."

All we have to say is, maybe this guy needs to play more Tetris for fun and not take his games so seriously. Because, after all, what’s so wrong about having fun?


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