GDC Sony Press Conference breakdown


The big reveal is finally here for Sony’s motion controller, officially dubbed the "Playstation Move". At a press conference at GDC this afternoon, Sony rolled out a whole mess of demo’s and details regarding this PS3 peripheral that will, according to Sony, "appeal to both casual and core gamers."

So what are the main points to glean from this fairly lengthy presentation?

-Assurances for gamers and investors alike that with such blockbuster titles as Heavy Rain and God of War 3, among many others, being exclusive to the PS3, Sony will be leading the 360 before long.
-The Playstation Move will come with a sports pack, including an archery game, some table tennis, a back-alley fighting/boxing game, and a gladiator game featuring sword and shield one-on-one combat.
-The Eye Toy is making a comeback with some Playstation Move compatible games.
-As far as family games go, there will undoubtedbly be no shortage of unique titles, including some shape-drawing games, and a Little Big Planet title requiring the use of the Playstation Move to navigate the levels in a variety of creative ways.
-The EyePet will rely on a combination of the Eye Toy and the Move in order for players to interact with a small monkey-looking customizable creature. Nintendogs has been brought out of the screen.
-Zipper made an appearance to demo Socom 4 which will use the Move to aim and a "sub-controller", essentially a nunchuck, with a D-pad to move the character.  During the demo, the reticle never left the screen, unlike a number of FPS Wii titles, and looked fairly stable.  This game will certainly act as a defining point for the Move, as core gamers are still highly skeptical of motion controls integrating with core FPS titles.
-A number of third party developers have already pledged support for the Playstation Move, including Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, Disney, Warner Bros, Tecmo, Sega, and Crave.
-The Playstation Move will sell in bundles, and while no exact price was set, the peripheral will sell for less than $100.

Look forward to more from Sony before the big release of the Playstation Move this Fall.



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