Gears of War Golf? They're joking, right?

So are you tired of Gears of War yet? Do the extra expansion packs released by Epic still leave you with a feeling that, "There’s gotta be more to this game." We might not see this latest iteration of GoW, but it just proves that you can make a game out of any premise if you set your mind to it.

Mark Rein, VP of Epic confirmed that it was actually fooling around with the idea of a GOLF GAME based upon Gears of War. They contacted a Korean game developer and asked if it could beGears Golf done. "So we got an animator to make a golf swing for Marcus Fenix, and then a programmer took one of the Gears levels and added some mounds and stuff to make a course."

Don’t keep your hopes up for too long though; the idea was just an internal project to see if it could be done and there’s no word if the game will really ever see the light of day. But you never know. Just imagine if you could frag the competition if they scored a better round than you. You could really tee off on them. <cough>

Move over Tiger — Fenix will kick your butt.



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