Geometry Wars: Galaxies coming to Wii and DS

geometryhuhIf you’re anything like me, you hold a great disdain for everything related to geometry. I’ve always found all of those confusing formulas to determine the congruence of objects such as triangles and squares to be head-ache inducing. (Me too. — Ed.)

I’m truly thankful that Bizarre Creations has allowed me to release my frustrations on those spiteful shapes by rotating the right analog stick in any direction I please to project laser beams to blast ’em to beautiful, multi-colored bits in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

For those who aren’t in possession of an Xbox 360 to experience the joyous experience that is Geometry Wars, you’re in luck. Well, at least those who own a Wii or DS, anyway.

geowarsKuju Entertainment is at the reigns of development of the port to two Nintendo platforms and promises to replicate the experience that Bizzare has mastefully crafted while taking the liberty of adding new extensions to the game, such as a multiplayer mode that was sorely missed in the Xbox Live Arcade hit.

Expect to spot Geometry Wars: Galaxies on store shelves sometime this fall.

[Via IGN]


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