Ghost Recon creative director Christian Allen heads to Bunige

Sergeant JohnsonOne of the driving forces behind the amazing Ghost Recon games has decided to move on to new pastures at Bungie Studios.

Christian Allen was creative director at Red Storm Entertainment for years during the development and evolution of the Ghost Recon series. I don’t need to tell you the kind of experience he has to bring to the table.

Now that Bungie has finished work on the initial story arch of the Halo universe, they’re going to be looking to expand into other genres and keep the brand name alive as long as it’s profitable.

It’s doubtful that a man with Christian Allen’s resume would be assigned to work on Halo Wars (a real time strategy game,) so what could it be? Allen bears the official title at Bungie of "Design Lead", so whatever he is doing they must believe that he’s good at it. Sure, he had a hand in Ghost Recon 2, but we won’t hold that against him (and clearly, neither is Bungie).

What do you guys think? My bet is on a tactical squad based game starring Halo’s leathernecked USMC Marines. Hoo-rah! Hopefully one starring Sergeant "Anti-Son of a Bitch Machine" Johnson.


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