GI confirms four more characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Character Bios

The June issue of Game Informer features the first batch of info on Capcom’s highly anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Along with the first known gameplay screens, the mag also confirms two more characters for each side: Darkstalker Felicia and Dante from Devil May Cry for Capcom, and Deadpool and Captain America for Marvel.

In case you can’t read those bios above, here’s what each of them says:

Captain America: "This founding member of the avengers returns with his indestructible shield to deliver combatants to justice. He preserves most of his handy move-set, complete with deadly shield-a-rang tosses and evasive cartwheel maneuvers."

Felicia: "Capcom’s catgirl returns with her claws out to deliver quick and nimble combos to anyone distracted by her jiggle physics for too long. She is also able to summon a helpful little catgirl partner to double her threat."

Deadpool: "Deadpool has the ability to teleport around the battlefield, but do it too many times and his device will backfire to hilarious results. Even breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool’s special consists of beating down opponents with his own life bar."

Dante: "He may be based on the young Devil May Cry 3 protagonist, but this Dante comes equipped with the best moves from the entire series. He can juggle rival fighters with his dual pistols, close distances by sliding on his knees while playing Nevan (his guitar weapon), and even activate his deadly Devil Trigger mode to increase his speed and power."

Chris Redfield: "This BSAA agent brings over every weapon he can carry from Resident Evil 5 into Marvel vs Capcom 3. Chris devastates opponents with his pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, magnum, satellite laser, and grenade launcher (complete with fire, ice, and electric rounds). He also has a slide attack utilizing his electric baton."

The Hulk: "Bruce Banner returns in his pissed-off form, and somehow he’s even more monstrous than before. This green juggernaut is still sluggish, but his immense power and earth-quaking special make him a good bruiser for your team makeup."

Wolverine: "Logan’s claws ravage everything unfortunate enough to stand before him in brilliant swipes of color. His trademark Berserker Barrage move return as both an assist move and a special, making him a perfect main for your team and also a menacing assist character."

Morrigan: "Darkstalkers’ seductive succubus continues the battle with all her otherworldly moves. She catapults opponents skyward with a gigantic spear summoned from the ground and delivers flying reverse pile drivers."

Iron Man: "Sleeker and slimmer than MvC 2’s Tony Stark, this iteration of Iron Man better reflects his current style in the comics. The gold and maroon superhero’s gigantic laser cannon still makes for a great assist, and his jet-boots make him ideal for aerial maneuvers." 

Fighting game fans have been frothing at the mouth for some more info regarding Capcom’s newest fighter, and with GI leaking this, one can only assume that E3 2010 will be full of Marvel vs Capcom 3 goodness. The game is currently slated for a Spring 2011 release.

Scanned screens are below:

Ryu vs Wolverine

Ryu vs Wolverine 2Chris Redfield vs Hulk

Ryu vs Wolverine 3 

[All pictures scanned from Game Informer]


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