GN Weekly Recap 4/8 – 4/14 : Now secretly with HD content

The first details were leaked by GameSpot and were later confirmed by Microsoft regarding the Xbox 360’s Spring Update. The most significant upgrade comes in the form of Windows Live Messenger integration. Everything else is fairly minor — enhanced achievement notifications, a blade dedicated to the Marketplace, enhanced background download options — making this perhaps the least exciting update the 360 has seen yet.

When you have a fairly significant feature readily available, logic would dictate that you make it simple, easy and straightforward to access. Apparently, this isn’t so in God of War II — the game actually supports HD, but it’s not as simple as flipping a switch. Why this wasn’t made outright available is beyond us.

Word came this past week about a serious bug in Shivering Isles, affecting both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The bug was soon after addressed by Bethesda, which has since released a patch for the PC version. Still, it’s safe to keep a backup of your save or two — even if you don’t encounter a bug, you might want to revert if you become a vampire.

May 16 is now the day the Halo 3 beta goes live. Soon after, it will be known as the day Xbox Live crashed hard. But for now, we can only wait to try out the new bubble shield and man cannons — although Bungie would like for us to know that the beta we’ll be playing isn’t the final version of the game by any means.

The latest issue of Game Informer has the scoop on GTA IV, and has revealed several nuggets of information, including this gem — some sort of multiplayer will be in the game. Hopefully it won’t be that terrible excuse for a co-op experience that San Andreas sported. But whether you’re playing single or multiplayer, you won’t be traveling to Staten Island — but New Jersey will be in the game. So much for a faithful recreation of NYC.

We reported that Sony’s official store pulled the 20GB PS3 SKU from its listings, leading to speculation that the death of the model was imminent. Indeed it was, as Sony confirmed that the model is being eliminated in North America. Later statements from a Sony Tokyo spokesman have suggested that a new model of the PS3 will be released — expect its hard drive to have at least the 120GB that the Xbox 360 Elite has.

The ever-outspoken and much famed game creator David Jaffe shared his thoughts on the PS3. Primarily, how he wouldn’t have included Blu-ray in the system. Maybe Sony should have been listening to Jaffe when it was developing the syste…

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What’s going on in the community?
We had our second GamerNode game day (a.k.a. GN vs. the World) on Saturday, playing Counter-Strike: Source for the second straight week. Next Saturday, April 21, we’ll be playing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, so keep an eye on the announcements forum for the details.

Also, Half-Life Node is nearing completion, as we announced on the forums. Half-Life fans, keep your eyes peeled — the site is right around the corner

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