God of War Movie Update

Back in October 2005, we reported that the PS2 action smash-hit game God of War would be heading to the big screen courtesy of Universal Pictures. In a recent Entertainment Weekly interview with God of War creator David Jaffe, it is mentioned that the movie is still on track. A script has been written by David Self (Thirteen Days, Road to Perdition, and the upcoming Deathlok) and it’ll be sent to "a huge-name director." In regards to whom Jaffe wants to see don Kratos’ chains, "[Blood Diamond‘s] Djimon Hounsou as Kratos. Absolutely. You have to get past the fact that Kratos is Greek, but in terms of the way he looks and his acting ability and his physique–I can’t think of a better choice."

The rest of the article discusses other subjects, including Jaffe’s cancelled PSP title and his upcoming downloadable PS3 game Calling All Cars. The cancelled PSP title, called Heartland, focused upon emotions during war times. The story encompassed an event where China invaded America, with the player taking on the role of a soldier debating if he or she would go to war or go AWOL to stay with family. The FPS planned to contain sequences where the player had the option of shooting innocent civilians. As for Calling All Cars, Jaffe compares the PlayStation Network to actors seeking TV work because "it is stable work and it’s a better quality of life. The PlayStation Network is sort of analogous to good TV for me. I’m still in there and I’m passionate, but I’m doing it at a scale that promotes a healthier lifestyle."

God of War II is now available for the PS2 and has been gathering immense success and heavy praise for its cinematic presentation, hardcore carnage, puzzles, improved grappling system and controls, and dazzling visuals. In related news, on both Ready At Dawn’s website and the back of the God of War II instruction manual, it is laid out that a God of War game will be heading to the PSP sometime in 2007.


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