Gran Turismo 5: Prologue update

GT5You know you’re doing good when your series hits a trilogy… so what’s it mean when you hit the fifth installment? It can only be good.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is in the works, and Gamepro took the initiative and recently interviewed the lead producer of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi, to get some perspectives on what he’s working on.

In terms of graphics, the Gran Turismos have never let us down. So just how much has next-gen technology bolstered GT5? Well, according to Yamauchi, they’ve reached the point where "Under limited conditions, [they] are just now finally at a stage where it looks almost photorealistic." They are however, struggling with the nature elements – like cloud breaks, rainfall, and wet surfaces. Not to say it looks bad, but Yamauchi feels that they "are not at that level yet… there is a lot of room for improvement."

Yamauchi also confirmed that GT5 will be on Blu-ray due to its obvious advantages: access speed, and storage space.

GT5 has a lot more new features to offer, like the GT TV feature that was recently announced. GT TV will air races with documentary type recordings online and shows will be prioritized by urgency.

Another key new feature is a vast increase in the A.I. both in numbers, and intelligence. You can now drive with up to twenty opponents on the course with you. And you thought three was a crowd… that should make for some awesome racing, along with tons of contact.

Want to literally take the game with you on the road? Lucky for you, the GT team already has a PSP version in mind, and will bring it into focus after they are finished with GT5: Prologue.


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