Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Details and Live Impressions

Here are our impressions and details of the brand new GTA IV trailer. We’ll continue to update this as we get more. The trailer can be seen at GameSpot and a torrent is available from has up several screenshots and the video available.

  • Setting appears to be in the United States, as is evidenced by a sign that has "99 cents" on it.
  • Appears to be modern day.
  • Traditional GTA billboard can be seen for ‘Mega Mart.’
  • Railway with graffiti-stained train rides by urban apartments.
  • Graphics seem to be more realistic, as opposed to the traditionally cartoony realism seen in GTA games.
  • A blue sports car is seen driving by a rollercoaster sporting the word ‘Screamer’ on it.
  • San Francisco-area looking buildings.
  • Trash is scattered along the sidewalks, and two characters are seen sitting on the stairs to one of the apartment buildings.
  • The windows to the inside appear to be less 2D than previous GTAs, but still appear to be static.
  • At the ferry terminal, the word ‘Liberty’ can be seen on the side of a ship, suggesting that this is Liberty City — i.e. the setting is New York City.
  • Skyscrapers further suggest that the game is set in New York.
  • The word ‘Liberteen’ is displayed on top of a building, similar to a billboard.
  • The Statue of Liberty is shown.
  • The game sports dynamic lighting, as can be seen with the sun’s reflection against a building over time.
  • A large building, likely some sort of insurance company, sports the title ‘GetaLife.’
  • Advertisements for ‘Burger Shot’ are shown, confirming that the series’ use of fictitious properties will continue.
  • Voiceover, presumably of the main character: "Life is complicated… I’ve killed people… smuggled people… sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different."
  • The character sounds Russian.
  • A movie advertisement poster is for I slept with your mom.

Overall, the trailer clearly had a Koyaanisqatsi vibe to it. Expect a breakdown and impressions from GN shortly.


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