Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Impressions

The Grand Theft Auto IV trailer has come and gone. Luckily (for Rockstar’s well being, at least), it offered a fairly significant glimpse into the game for a minute-long trailer, providing us with details such as the game’s location, graphical style, and more. For a brief outline of what the trailer had to show, read our story here. We’ll have a further breakdown of the trailer later tonight, but for now, here are the impressions of some of the GamerNode staff:

Kyle Ulrich, Writer:
It’s funny — and completely awesome — that Rockstar North chose to echo the 1983 film Koyaanisqatsi for the debut trailer of GTA IV. The work of Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass and Ron Fricke is an interesting and obscure piece of art to be referencing for something as comical and satirical as the GTA canon. This, more than anything else — including the obviously overhauled visuals — solidifies the change in direction that Rockstar North seems to be implying with IV.

Brendon Lindsey, Editor-in-Chief:
I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the GTA series post-GTA III. The last few console versions have been the same basic game with new settings, and the gameplay is really getting stale. At this point, we’re not entirely sure IV’s going to be any different, so why are people getting so worked up over it? The graphics look incredible based off of the trailer, but until I get some more info on the gameplay itself, I’m not going to drool over this or put it on my list of games I must get this year. I do like the idea of the Russian character, but I’m also worried we’ll get a clich


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