GTA IV DLC to have 15 hours of gameplay

niko belicA story which appeared yesterday on RPG-TV described an insider source from Microsoft indicating that the upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto would have 15 hours of gameplay.

The story was pulled today with no explanation as to why. Microsoft and Rockstar Games have been very tight lipped about the DLC for GTA IV, and the story leaked by RPG-TV may have crossed the line as far as keeping any news of the downloadable content under embargo

The other possibility is that the story was just a rumor and the powers that be may have yanked the article.

At the moment, Microsoft and Rockstar have remained silent on the story. But if the rumor is true, a 15 hour addition to the storyline may be very good news for GTA IV fans who felt that the game ended rather abrutly and needed more fleshing out.

Regardless, it will be good to see Niko and Roman Belic again.

[via shacknews]


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