Guid Wars 2 MMO Maniphesto video dares to redefine MMORPGs

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ArenaNet has released a new video for its upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2. The new five-minute plus video shows off the game’s stunning visuals and intense gameplay while the developers themselves voice what the game is going to do to completely change long-standing concepts of MMORPGs.

In addition to the long video, the developer released a new blog entry on their official site by founder Mike O’Brien titled "Walking the Walk". In it, O’Brien writes that the developer has been doing a lot of talking about what they have planned for the game, but with this new video are now showing that they actually mean business.

"At ArenaNet we still dream of the promise that online worlds once held, before they all started following the same MMO formula: the same level grind and scheduled rewards; the same static, unchanging worlds; the same quest mechanics; the same ‘holy trinity’ of class balance," writes O’Brien. "We know the industry can do better. We’ve dedicated ourselves to innovating in online worlds, and we’re going to hold ourselves to the highest standards."

He then states that ArenaNet is not finished with showing off what Guild Wars 2 can do with the new video. The game will be on display for hands-on playtime at both Gamescon in Germany and PAX Prime in Seattle. O’Brien then described just what everyone can expect from the upcoming show floor demos.

"You’ll be able to play a human character starting at level 1, or a charr character starting at level 47," he writes. "For your first demo I recommend you play as human. You’ll get to experience the personal, branching story we’ve been talking about; you’ll get to band together with other players to defend human villagers and push back marauding centaurs in a variety of events; you’ll get to experience the active combat system and cross-profession combos; and you’ll have a huge open world to explore."

O’Brien then explains that the charr portion of the demo will be used to showcase the game’s more advanced combat. He also mentions that players will be able to explore Divinity’s Reach, charr stronghold Steeleye Span (the gun-mounted metal fortress in the video), fight the earth elemental shown in the video, and battle the dragon called The Shatterer who also appears in the video.

For more information regarding the Gamescon and PAX Prime demos, just follow the source link below.

[ArenaNet Blog]


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