Guitar Hero Controllers Not "Recalled" by Target

A recent rumor that the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controllers were under a recall by Target stores has been clarified by RedOctane senior public relations rep, Bryan Lam. According to Next Gen, he said that it was all due to a computer glitch. "The Target ‘recall’ is NOT related to the whammy bar or a true ‘recall.’"

Lam continued, "We’ve been informed this was an internal Target computer system glitch that was only an issue during the morning yesterday from 8-10 a.m., and the SKU was not flagged for sale. Essentially, that meant the product still had the street date lock out."

However, there still have been reports that the whammy bar of the guitar game controller is defective. To this, Lam replied, "We’re currently in the process of having our internal QA and production teams look into this possible issue, and are working to quickly isolate this if there is one. In the meantime, we suggest our fans try to replug in their guitars without holding down any buttons or the whammy bar, and that may help immediately resolve the issue."


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