Guitar Hero Interview

I’ve been a huge fan of Guitar Hero since I first played the original game last year. I admit, before I played it I laughed at the idea of a "DDR clone with a stupid guitar controller," but I’ve since realized my mistake, as the game was arguably my most-played of 2005. It’s for that very reason I was worried about Guitar Hero II. I wondered, would they pull a sports-game move, and just update their roster? Would they try to innovate, and in the process ruin what made it so fun in the first place? Thankfully, neither of those came to fruition, as Guitar Hero II is looking to not only keep the magic of the first title alive, but improve in a variety of areas, such as multiplayer and range of difficulty.

How good is Guitar Hero II, you may ask? Let’s just say that so far-before the game has even been released-I’ve already played it more than almost every other game I’ve played this year. The new songs are great (Kansas is this year’s Boston-is it something about having a place-oriented name?), the multiplayer is fun, and the urge to rock is just as strong as ever.

Being such a huge fan of the series, I was stoked when I was given the chance to interview Ted Lange, an associate producer at RedOctane for Guitar Hero II.


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