H2H: E3 Summit vs. Penny-Arcade Expo

Head 2 HeadLast H2H winner (Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat): Street Fighter

E3 week is officially here, so GamerNode is pitting two of the biggest U.S. gaming conventions against each other in gladiatorial combat. In one corner, we have the E3 Media & Business Summit, and in the other, we have the Penny-Arcade Expo. While E3 has been scaled down over the past few years, PAX has only grown from its humble roots, and is now a formidible opponent to the once-mammoth Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Where – The most polluted city in the U.S.
When – Mid-week in July
Run by – Pirate hunters and anarchists
Who can go – Select press, by invitation only
What you get – Game developer & publisher booths; industry figures; press conferences; breaking industry news and announcements 


Where – The most overcast city in the U.S.
When – Weekend in August
Run by – Comic artists and complainers
Who can go – Anyone with money
What you get – Game developer & publisher booths; industry figures; industry news; tournaments; concerts

Now you’ve been introduced to the combatants, so which will be the champion?


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