H2H: Mario vs. Sonic

Head 2 HeadLast H2H winner (E3 Media & Business Summit vs. Penny-Arcade Expo): E3

Today’s Head 2 Head involves a rivalry that dates back to the early 90s and the 16-bit era of videogame platforms. That’s about the time that Sega brought Sonic the Hedgehog onto the gaming scene with the sole purpose of combating Nintendo’s established and popular mascot, Mario. Sega and Sonic were all about being "edgy" and "cool," portraying Nintendo games as much more sober experiences than their own. "Sega does what Nintendon’t" was one marketing tagline that explained the company’s stance perfectly. Mario and Sonic have been competitors ever since.



Mascot for – Nintendo
Created – 1981
Occupation – Carpenter/Plumber
Nemesis – A princess-kidnapping, power-hungry, and arguably lovesick dinosaur-like king
Sidekicks – An underappreciated wannabe brother; A hungry mutant dinosaur
Love interest –  A royal, domestic damsel-in-distress
Hobbies – Tennis; Golf; Go Kart Racing
Weapon(s) of choice – His boots; Fireballs; ‘Turtle’ Shells; Hammers
Weakness – The English language



Mascot for – Sega
Created – 1991
Occupation – Professional Mascot? Sprinter?
Nemesis – An obese, genius scientist who turns cuddly animals into robots
Sidekicks – An androgynous, flying mutant Fox; A spike-fisted monotreme with dreadlocks
Love interest –  None. He all but ignores Amy Rose. Possibly homosexual?
Hobbies – Pinball; Air Boarding; Running his ass off
Weapon(s) of choice – His presumably razor-sharp quills
Weakness – Can’t swim


Now you’ve been introduced to the combatants, so which will be the champion?


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