Hackers Improve Oblivion

The recent release of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is garnering hysterical fan support. The best RPG in years and some of the most impressive graphics ever seen are just a few of the heaping piles of praise that have been thrown at this impressive game. However, that’s just not good enough for some people. Hackers, modders, and avid supporters of the Elder Scrolls series have been hard at work since the first day of release finding things wrong with Oblivion, and fixing them. There is a water Mod, that changes the quality of the water and the density of the underwater fog, an annoying message killer that gets rid of loading messages as well as useless information. They have already gone so far as to fine-tweak the camera system and User interface to make it more PC friendly (So far these patches only seem to be aimed at PC users, whether or not the X360 will gain this functionality remains to be seen). The group responsible for these modifications are varied, but most of the collection can be found at "The Elder Scrolls Source" a fan site and Mod community portal (http:/www.tessource.net). The mods can be found along with new guilds, new items, and much more. Considering the release date was a scant few days ago, it’s mighty impressive what’s been accomplished already. So double kudos to the modders for making a great game better and to Bethesda for opening the innards of oblivion wide open to hacking. Check out Elder Scrolls source to trick out your copy of Oblivion.


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