Halo 3 Beta Matchmaking: 6 vs. 6 Big Team Training

bungielove"Love, Bungie" is a message frequently seen while loading a game in the Halo 3 Beta ever since it was available to the public about a week ago, and with the inclusion of Big Team Training now listed under the Social Playlist, the developer has truly proven that it does adore its loyal fans.

Twelve players can be grouped into two teams for intense 6 vs. 6 action across a range of modes (such as 1 Flag CTF and Team Slayer) on two of the three maps available in the beta — the wide open battefield of Valhalla and the objective mode oriented High Ground.

The former of the two aforementioned maps features a familiar aerial vehicle featured in the previous two installments in the series.

What is it? Here’s a few hints: it’s fast, purple, and is capable of rapidly firing plasma shots on foes and blasting away foes with a powerful plasma mortar. And no, the answer is not an atomic grape.

[Via Spong]


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