Halo 3: New, cool game details "leaked"

In an upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, featuring Bungie’s latest labor of love as its cover story, numerous details have been disclosed about not only the multiplayer component of Halo 3, but the campaign and what it entails as well.

One thing fans may or may not be thrilled about is the return of the Arbiter. Ever since his appearance in the recently released E3 trailer, many were concerned about whether they would be forced to play as the mankind aiding, anti-Covenant Elite once more.

However, to the delight of many, Bungie confirmed that the third installment in the series is primarily focused on telling the story solely from Master Chief’s perspective. In addition to that, they stated that the Arbiter will only be playable in co-op.

Ever since the Elites distanced themselves from the extraterrestrial Arc seekers, those lovable, limb tearing apes known as the Brutes have undergone some major changes since their advanced placement in the Covenant military.

One notable difference in their behavior is their inability to go berserk. Apparently, Bungie realized that they ended up being a hazard to themselves in the last game, for they occasionally slammed into walls and as a result, cracked their own skull.

Not only are they considerably calmer in the heat of battle, they are also capable of climbing around the environment (something that all enemies in Halo 3 can now do as well) if granted the opportunity to do so.

Also, how does picking up and wielding the essential Brute weapons such as the Gravity Hammer and the Mauler (the new dual wieldable shotgun) sound?

While the Covenant may require a bit more effort to take down this time around, the biggest foes are the players that will be logging onto Xbox Live on September 25th and spending countless hours kicking ass and taking gamertags.

To accommodate the many Live users who’ve been for waiting the final installment in the trilogy, Bungie is implementing a highly customizable multiplayer mode that may very well cause tears of joy to stream down their faces.

If adjustable player movement and gravity doesn’t make you scream like a Grunt taking on a Spartan by itself, then perhaps the option of selecting different types of armor for your Spartan will. No? How about driving the Elephant, the UNSC equivalent of the Scarab that’s capable of seating twelve warriors on the new vehicular based map, Sandtrap? Still unsatisfied? If so, you’re clearly blind to the beauty of all the worthwhile additions that’ll ultimately factor into making this the most content heavy Halo yet. Perhaps tossing the brand new flashbang in general will brighten things up for you!

In all seriousness, knowing information such as this makes the wait so much more unbearable than ever before.

GamerNode will further supply our readers with the latest details on the biggest game of the year as they come.


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