Halo 3 sold early for how much?

Oooo my knee, it stingsss!A copy of Halo 3 was sold today on Ebay in Britain. Of course we expected it to go for more than retail (duh), but this is a little ridiculous.

102 British Pounds was the selling price (roughly equivalent to $205 US Dollars).

And if that wasn’t enough profit for dirgyuss, the seller, he made the winner pay for his own postage! Ah, nothing like selling to a sucker. You seriously couldn’t wait less than a week and pay $60? You didn’t even get the legendary edition.

So lets do the math here. 4 more days till launch, and you overpaid by $145. You’re paying $36.25 a day, just to play it early. Good job buddy, you get to beat it early, and be done with it before everyone else. Hm… maybe you can play some multiplayer with… oh wait, no one else has it yet!

So you’re paying $36.25 a day for just the single player. I have an idea that will save you money in the future. You can pay me $20 a day and I’ll teach this to you: patience.


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