Halo 3 WON'T sell more 360s says "expert"

halo360Industry expert Roger Ehrenberg of Information Arbitrage doesn’t believe that Halo 3 will cause a boost in Xbox 360 console sales. In his blog, he stated that Halo 3 wouldn’t change Xbox 360’s hardcore gamer audience to a mainstream audience.

Ehrenberg stated, ""I certainly don’t buy the argument that the Halo 3 game itself will drive new console sales. The game has gotten OK reviews (GamerNode emphasis) and I am confident it will sell well to existing Xbox 360 loyalists, but beyond that, I am neither a dreamer nor a believer."

The high price of the next generation consoles, including the 360, makes it hard for people to go out and buy a system for the sole purpose of playing one game. Then again, this is Halo 3!

[via Xbox360fanboy]


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