Halo 4 story details emerge

Master Chief Standalone

343 Industries has begun to reveal the grand scheme for its new entries in the Halo franchise. Other than some superficial changes to Master Chief and Cortana and the reasons behind said changes, the actual story of the new trilogy is slowly coming to light.

Halo 4 finds Master Chief on Sigma-7, a planet that is not unlike the Halo structure in the first entry of the series. UNSC forces as well as their new allies, the Covenant, are already found in place.

However, it is speculated that all may not be peachy keen among the foes turned friends as the two sides are isolated on the world and may be without any oversight from their superiors. Also to be introduced in the game is “a new, but ancient enemy.”

“It plays like Halo,” stated creative director Josh Holmes. “That was really important to us and we wanted to maintain that magical Halo feel. At the same time, it was important for us to take risks and evolve the gameplay so it’s fresh and different.

“We had to maintain that commitment to the sandbox nature of Halo gameplay – making sure we’re empowering players to make choices in how they approach each problem instead of giving them only one solution. That was one of the things we held at the core of everything we did.”



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