Halo movie under "secret" production?

master chiefWhen movie studios pulled support for the Halo movie back in October, most of us went… what?! I mean, how can studios say no to, basically, a cash-cow that is a Halo movie?

Heck, I’m sure if you just had some guy in a Master Chief suit shooting a lot of Covenant for two hours and occasionally ride a warthog around and spout a one-liner here and there, it would have been a sure-fire moneybags film.

Peter Jackson made some comments in late May saying that studios would probably come back to the film once Halo 3 explodes onto the scene next month. Heck, that’s some dynamite marketing right there; release the game of the decade (arguable) and then market the live-action movie? Brilliant!

I’m pretty damn sure WETA (Jackson’s special effects company) didn’t just waste their time making a real-life and drivable Halo Warthog just for the heck of it, so they could say "cool, we made it, now it’s a several ton paperweight!" (We also can’t forget the live-action Halo movie shorts shown during E3 2007.)

With that said, along with some scathing comments from Xbox Family, it appears the Halo movie is being worked on, albeit secretly. According to Xbox Family, the revised script from D.B. Weiss (who was paid $1 million to revise it) has been handed to director Neill Blomkamp. Still, the movie appears to be on track for a summer 2008 release, so mark that date on your calendar now before you forget — just in case.


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