Halo Styled Full Body Armor Suit for Sale at eBay

Those who have played any of the Halo games have no doubt imagined themselves placed inside one of the protective MJOLNIR body armor suits that the Master Chief employs during his missions to destroy the Covenant. The suit is electronically wired for communication, self-heals the wearer, and hosts an assortment of other functions that would make James Bond envious. But now the dream can be a reality for the right bidder on eBay, as a full body armor suit has been developed that looks suspiciously close to the Master Chief’s outfit.

The "Trojan," as it was named by creator Troy Hurtubise, required $150,000 in development costs and 1,800 hours of painstaking work to make the bulletproof suit. According to his eBay description, The Trojan has:

"90% flexibility, 95% body coverage. The Trojan allows the wearer to drive vehicles, run full-tilt, climb stairs and conduct dive roll maneuvers. The Trojan weighs a mere 30 pounds without the Trojan shield. The Trojan incorporates 16 different electronic functions and prototypes impregnated into its exoskeleton. Some of the Trojan’s key features are a laser tracking system, 5 L.E.D. light spectrums, a voice recorder, a voice activated pedometer, a digital electronic compass, built in compartments for salt tablets and morphine pills, a digital thermometer, a built in intake cooling fan which runs on solar power, a throwing and knife, a medical emergency light transponder, and much more… The level three light/hard shadow armor being sold with the Trojan suit is capable of stopping cold repeated fire at point blank range [of] all handguns, shotguns, grenade shrapnel, and pipe bomb shrapnel. Also knife proof."

And if that isn’t enough to convince you to buy one, also offered is "a first of its kind in the world–a left and right hip magnetic holster system for twin 9 mm handguns".

Present bidding for the body armor, at the time of this writing, has surpassed the $22,000 mark. But according to the auction, the current high bid has not yet met the reserve price for the item.


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