Hard programming for PS3 is okay!

kazps3Developers have repeatedly stated how programming for the PlayStation 3 can be a headache. But Sony doesn’t see this as a bad thing. Games Radar is reporting that Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai thinks the problems programmers are having is a good sign.

While it sounds convoluted, Kaz’s quote does make some sense.

"If you look back at the commentary we received when we launched PS2, there was a lot of talk to the effect that ‘It’s very difficult to program for’ and ‘It’s easier on a Dreamcast’. It’s happened before," Hirai told OPM, acknowledging that PS3 is a more complex animal for developers to work with compared to its rivals. "If they came back and told me, ‘PS3? We can do this in a heartbeat,’ that would be worrying because what it is telling me is that we’re not pushing the envelope from a technology standpoint."

My only question is why didn’t Sony push the envelope AND make it easy for developers to program? Granted hindsight is 20/20 and Sony was probably more concerned with power over ease of use. Without a doubt we will eventually see some amazing games from a select few studios who are equipped with the right geniuses to bring the PlayStation 3 to full power. Compare God of War 2 to the launch titles of the PlayStation 2 and one can see where Kaz is coming from.

With Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 on the horizon, we are starting to get a taste of the greatness of the PlayStation 3. But according to Kaz those aren’t representative of the PlayStation 3’s true power.

"The power that we’ve packed into PS3 will really manifest itself in software titles that come up four, five or six years down the line."

The big question is, will the PlayStation 3 be in a position to allow studios to devote the money to a game of the caliber Kaz is referring to? Will it be too late and the Xbox 360 and Wii so far in front that the best of the PlayStation 3 will be ports, and a few exclusives? Doubtful but as with everything in the industry, no one knows for sure.


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