Heavenly Sword 2 a no go?

hsWhile it was a huge hit at E3 2006, Heavenly Sword didn’t turn out to be the monumental smash hit Sony had been hoping for. The game was good, but had some lingering problems that stopped it from being a system seller.

Talk of Heavenly Sword 2 has persisted for some time, but there has been a new rumor surrounding the franchise — that the sequel had been canceled.

Ninja Theory, who worked on the original Heavenly Sword were not the creative minds behind Heavenly Sword 2, though. According to the unconfirmed story, due to some poor treatment by Sony, Ninja Theory very quickly decided they wanted nothing to do with their previous partner and would move on to bigger and better prospects.

But don’t worry, because even though original news articles stated they were literally packing their bags and walking out the door, a statement from Ninja Theory has assured fans they are not breaking up, and are currently working on a new project.

"We (Ninja Theory) never started work on HS2 as we wanted to focus on new multiplatform IP. Sony owns the IP for HS and we have never been privy to what they would do with it. As for moving, we have been planning to move to larger premises for future expansion for the best part of a year.

"There is nothing bitter about the move. And the rumour that the team has been disbanded is ridiculous. We have had an unbelievably loyal team especially as we went through some difficult times securing a new publishing deal. We have a new publisher and are busy on our new project which is going very well so far. HS is far from our thoughts at the moment."

While it is sad to see Ninja Theory not working on Heavenly Sword, and Heavenly Sword not having a solid future on the Sony console, it is a at least reasurring to know that the men and women under Ninja Theory’s banner are sticking together.

[via Kotaku, videogaming247]


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